Deep Moda Vegan: why Seaweed?

Seaweed Power Products for the modern consumer.
Taking care of your skin is a priority for us!
That’s why we took the step to develop a beautiful collection made from textiles with added value.

The benefits of seaweed

A healthy fabric for healthy skin.
The natural energy of seaweed stimulates your body in a very positive way.
Rich in precious components: calcium, magnesium and vitamin E.
Seaweed contains more minerals, vitamins and oligoelements than any other material in nature.
With its high antioxidant property, it provides your skin with a natural protection against free radicals that damage the cells. Beneficial for the skin, it is anti-irritation proven and helps healing your skin after a sore.
Our clothes may give a caring effect on your skin, providing it with antibacterial protection.
In contact with the natural moisture of the skin, the active ingredients of seaweed are released and an active exchange is thus obtained between the fiber and the skin itself, acting on its remineralization process.
The active natural ingredients are left intact in the fibers even after washing.
A textile that accompanies you in every moment of your life.
Seaweed fibers, rich in sea proteins, combine softness and care for you and your loved ones.
Imagine all the well-being of these components just lavished upon your skin…

Unique and innovative know-how

Seaweed we use is a mixture of Fucus Vesicular and Ascophyllum Nodosum (black Goemon), produced in Iceland, according to a protective and sustainable selection process.
It’s a fiber that’s produced thanks to renewable resources.
Only the regenerating part of the seaweed is harvested, therefore allowing regrowth.
Seaweed is cultivated and harvested at the natural rhythm of the seasons, opening a par excellence sustainable development process.
The harvested seaweed leaves are naturally dried and then coarsely chopped to end up in a powder. This seaweed does not undergo any treatment and thus it preserves its biological properties.

DEEP MODA VEGAN, 100% Eco-responsible

A committed and eco-responsible brand, a fabric where vegetable is king and which perfectly meets the demand of today’s consumer in search of meaning and transparency.
The seaweed fibers are obtained thanks to the LYOCELL process, a production which is clean and composed mainly of 100% organic and biodegradable ingredients.
Green industrial manufacturing, eco-friendly and sustainable development labeled.
No influence on agricultural land, therefore it does not consume drinking water, neither makes use of fertiliser or pesticide.
Our seaweed comes exclusively from seaweed farming, the facilities are located around the coast of Iceland. We have conscientiously made this choice because the ocean and its richness are a “par excellence” match with sustainable development.
The seaweed fibers meet specifications that are compliant and certified by several labels, including the Oeko-tex® standard 100 label, guaranteeing the absence of any substance that might be toxic and/or harmful to the health of the consumer and to the environment.
Seaweed fibers are even certified as compliant for babies..
SeaCell® fiber is a material made of seaweed and cellulose with naturally thermoregulating properties that provides you with a breathable and soft quality, practically crease-resistant.
SeaCell® fiber has been positively tested and approved by several independent laboratories for its quality and effectiveness.
Smart fibers and wellness for a stronger and more energy-rich skin!
DEEP MODA VEGAN, a caress on your skin.

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