Seaweed fibers

Our seaweed-based fibers

From seaweed to fiber
In response to a growing environmental degradation, our raw material supplier has succeeded, after years of intensive research, in putting  renewable resources powered fibers on the market.

The harvest of the seaweed is made according to a protected and durable selection process. Only the regenerating part of the seaweed is removed, which allows its regrowth. The seaweed does not undergo any treatment and their biological properties are thus preserved.

Active substances from the sea with a positive effect on the skin.
The seaweed used for our fibers comes exclusively from the unique ecosystem of the Icelandic fjords. Rich in precious components, seaweeds contain more minerals, vitamins and oligo-elements than any other material in nature.
With its high content in anti-oxidants it protects the skin especially against free radicals that damage the cells.
With the natural moisture of the skin, seaweed’s vital elements are released and an active exchange between the fiber and the skin is achieved. This process lets the elements being absorbed and spreads their effect providing a consistent comfort.
The seaweed fiber is produced using the environmentally friendly Lyocell process. A virtually closed-loop production method, from nature to nature, in a company with the highest standards in progress and future.
It’s made in Austria, where an experienced team of engineers and scientists are on hand to ensure the high quality standard required.

The proven effects of Seacell© fiber
Seacell© fiber has been positively verified and tested by several independent institutes for its quality and effectiveness.
Thanks to its manufacturing process protecting the environment and sustainable development, the Seacell© fiber has been awarded the European Environment Prize 2000 by the European Union, as well as the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 about products for babies.

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